DPA MicroDot Adapter (for Wireless)

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Product Code: DAD6010
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: DAD6010
Stock Status: In Stock

Using an adapter for wireless, our microphones with MicroDot termination are compatible with the professional wireless systems listed below.

DPA's miniature microphones work with all leading wireless mic solutions, such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Wisycom, Zaxcom and many more. DPA Microphones’ ingenious adapter system is one of a kind in the industry. It protects your investment in fantastic sound for years to come.

Should you prefer to have your mic hardwired to a specific connector type, DPA offers pre-terminated types for the most popular wireless systems. Find the adapter that fits your wireless system.


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
AKG DPT 70 DAD6017
AKG DPT 700 DAD6017
AKG DPT 800 DAD6017
AKG PT 40 DAD6017
AKG PT 45 DAD6017
AKG PT 60 DAD6017
AKG PT 80 DAD6017
AKG PT 81 DAD6017
AKG PT 400 DAD6017
AKG PT 450 DAD6017
AKG PT 470 DAD6017
AKG PT 4000 DAD6017
AKG PT 4500 DAD6017

Audio Ltd.

Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Audio Ltd EN2 TX DAD6034
Audio Ltd. MiniTX DAD6035
Audio Ltd. Tx 2000 DAD6004
Audio Ltd. Tx 2020 DAD6004
Audio Ltd. Tx 2040 DAD6004


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T1001 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 D DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T101 (U100) DAD6021
Audio-Technica ATW-110G DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T310 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T701 DAD6033


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Beyerdynamic OPUS 300 DAD6032
Beyerdynamic OPUS 500 DAD6032
Beyerdynamic OPUS 600 DAD6032
Beyerdynamic OPUS 800 DAD6032
Beyerdynamic OPUS 900 DAD6032
Beyerdynamic TG1000 (before dec 2014) DAD6032
Beyerdynamic TG1000 (after dec 2014) DAD6010


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Lectrosonics LM, SM and UM series DAD3056
Lectrosonics UHF (low level) DAD6021

Line 6

Brand / Transmitter Adapter
XD-V70L DAD6010
X2 Digital Wireless Systems DAD6034


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Mipro ACT-707T DAD6032
Mipro ACT-707TE DAD6032
Mipro ACT-707TM DAD6032
Mipro ACT-707TS DAD6032
Mipro ACT-71T DAD6032
Mipro ACT-7T DAD6032
Mipro ACT-MT103 DAD6032
Mipro ACT-MT303 DAD6032
Mipro ACT-MT801 DAD6032
Mipro ACT-MT808 DAD6032


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Pastega TMA16 DAD6018
Pastega TMU20 DAD6018


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Ramsa WX-RP410 DAD3051


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Samson UT1L DAD6017
Samson VT2L DAD6017


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Sennheiser Evolution / G2 Series DAD6034
Sennheiser ewD1 (SK D1) DAD6034
Sennheiser SK 50 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 250 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 2000 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 3063 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 5012 DAD6003


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Shure GLXD1 DAD6010
Shure PGX1 DAD6010
Shure SC1 DAD6010
Shure SLX1 DAD6010
Shure U1 DAD6010
Shure ULX1 DAD6010
Shure ULXD1 DAD6010
Shure UR1 DAD6010
Shure UR1M DAD6010
Shure UR1MLemo3 DAD6003
Shure UT1 DAD6010
Shure QLXD1 DAD6010


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Sony DWT-B01 DAD6008
Sony Freedom WRT 805 DAD6019
Sony WRT8 DAD6008
Sony WRT820 DAD6008
Sony WRT860 DAD6008


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
TOA WM360 DAD3050
TOA WM4300 DAD6010
TOA WM4310 DAD3050


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Trantec SD7000 Digital Wireless DAD6003


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Wisycom MTP30 DAD6003
Wisycom TMA16 DAD6018
Wisycom TMU20 DAD6018


Brand / Transmitter Adapter
Zaxcom TRX900 Series DAD3057
Zaxcom TRX900LT DAD3057
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